THE_COME - V.2 (2019 TEST MASTER).mp3   --  Movie Sound Track ( over video montage / cyborg life reflection)  

Smoke Riser

No need to throw it in reverse to get back to good music.

Give this genre a whirl. It may take a bit to set in. But then it doesn't leave you.

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Popular Audio

These singles represent some of the styles that you will encounter on this site. 

Loose Again - smoke RISER

A raw voice and clean, catchy synth work.

Heavy Closer - The Les Dillinger 

The benefits of Industrial melding with Rock

Horror Film Floors - Blue Sun Machine Gun 

Classic Rock and Roll that makes you move
Mister milk .m4a

Do you like what you hear and see?
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The Inspiration

Young Bluto

Dennis S. is a rugged guy with raw energy that pumps up the crowd. Enthusiasm would be the best single word to describe him.


The stacker of tracks, Sid infuses the refined energy that is  filtered through electronic consoles. Or some may claim that he just muddies it up.

Phantom Prince

There are a few important musicians that fill this role now and in past productions. They help put the projects over the finish line. Among these people are Craig S. , Brain K. and The Lost Silva.

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